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Wedding flowers and wedding decoration, is one of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding planning process. 

Undeniably, a wedding is one of the most beautiful and milestone days of a couple’s life. A ceremony in which two people have chosen to be united in marriage. Two people who’s path have lead them to meet each other for a reason. Whichever this reason is, the most important is that deciding to proceed in life together, is a decision made of love and mutual dreams.  Finding your soul mate and is something that worth celebrating and the wedding traditions and customs vary between cultures, religions and ethnic groups. 
But there is something that we can find common in most of the different countries’ wedding festivities; the wedding flowers! 


Flowers can have different meaning and we can find beautiful feelings among them. Flowers represent devotion and friendship, beauty and anticipation, happiness and abundance. And above all flowers symbolize the pure love. 

In Golden Apple, the process of designing and styling of your wedding, is part in which dedicate time to understand your personal style and bring your vision in reality. We give attention to details and we want to represent your personality. The decoration and flower style is the most important part of the wedding mood. Guests who attend a wedding, they remember things that had visual impact such as the flowers and the decoration set up. 


We create experiences through a seamless planning process, a meticulous organization and purpose driven method. We are experienced professionals dedicated to bringing your vision to reality.


Moment’s don’t happen. We create them

With the years of experience on wedding planning, we always wanted to follow the latest trends and put our creativity on this beautiful part of the wedding. This is when the sister company of Golden Apple was born; the Kay Creations, flowers & rentals studio based in Rhodes Island, in Greece. The weddings that take place on our homeland are decorated by our in-house team of florists and stylists. We pride ourselves of our team, who has played an important role on the quality of the delivered events that you can find in our portfolio and social media platforms. 

Styling is evolving non-stop but there one thing that is always number one on the list; and that is the wedding flowers. There is no better way to make the day feel special and upgrade the mood of the event. When the time comes to compose a wedding floral vision, there is not a specific formula or rules to follow. Flowers are passion; they are one of our expression methods. Trusting us with your wedding planning, you will understand through the way that attention to detail and creative ideas are part of the journey. We will dedicate time to understand your style, we decide on the moodboard and we blossom your world. 

Using flowers you love or mean something to you and also advising you with the best selections based on seasonality, we lead a life or artfulness, a life of movement, a life of blooms and stems. “Choosing the perfect blooms for your bouquet and flower synthesis might seem to be a question of aesthetics, but there is actually a lot more to flowers than the way they look. We will guide you through that process and you will definitely enjoy the creation of your flower list!”

When comes to complete the puzzle of wedding decoration, the wedding rentals play a starring role. Each scheme and design is limited by imagination only and with the right artful installations, furnishings or objects you will have your complete vision created by Kay Creations Rhodes. We have created a list of rental items that is constantly being upgraded with new additions and this is what has made us stand out on the stylish weddings in Rhodes Island. 

Booking your wedding in Rhodes with Golden Apple, is a guarantee of the most stylish and up to trend wedding created by Kay Creations. 

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