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1. "Goldenappleweddings.com" is a website owned and operated by A. AGELINIOU – A. STAVROULAKI “GOLDEN APPLE” – EVENTS AND WEDDING MANAGEMENT – Address: B. IOANNIDI 1, 85100 RHODES, ΤEL. 22410 70914, VAT 800547498. The names Goldenappleweddings.com”, “Golden Apple” ore “We” where ever appear in the following terms and conditions, refer to the company “GOLDEN APPLE”. The names “the client”, “customer”, or “You” where ever mentioned in the following terms refer to the other contracting party.
2. By entering and interacting with the Website “Goldenappleweddings.com” you agree with all the following terms and conditions of this website. Moreover, the present terms apply to all contracts completed in whole or partially with “Golden Apple”, unless otherwise expressly agreed by another document.
3. Any “proposal” or “agreement” sent from our company to you as a prospect or as a client, it is expressly agreed that it will be subject to this page’ s terms and conditions or whereever else these terms and conditions refer to. For purposes of time efficience these terms usually will not be written in any hard-copy proposal or agreement but there always be a reference to them. If you nonetheless wish to receive a hard copy of those terms you will receive by mail as soon as possible.
4. If for any reason you do not agree with any of the following terms you should exit this website.
5. It is expressly agreed that, as “terms and conditions” are also included the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) wherever applicable and the Privacy Policy provisions. If terms and conditions of the page have a clearly contrary provision to that of the FAQs, or the Privacy Policy, the applicable is the one mentioned on this terms and conditions page.
1. Goldenappleweddings.com operates as a consultant and coordinator in wedding and other special events, mentioned in this website as “events”.
2. Services include “wedding packages” and “extra services”. ( The services offered in this website are indicative of the kind of services provided and not exhaustive. Some of the services provided might be conducted or operated exclusively or partially by third parties. Goldenappleweddings.com tries to provide the best possible quality of service but it cannon be held liable for these parties’ liabilities and actions. Golden Apple is not obliged to inform you which of the provided services are provided by third parties unless you ask for it. “Goldenappleweddings.com” does not guarantee that the services offered in this website are always available or fit the exact website description. Availability, prices and description of the services offered can change any time and might differ from the information mentioned in this website.
3. The exact description, price and kind of services will be sent to you as a “services proposal” after contacting with our representatives. Any “proposal” or “agreement” sent from our company to you, it is expressly agreed that it will be submitted to this page’ s terms and conditions or where ever else these terms and conditions refer to.
4. Golden Apple provides its services exclusively in Greece.
1. All the material in this website (video, audio, texts, images etc.) is protected by Greek and European copyright laws.
2. You are not permitted to download, copy, store, reproduce transmit or distribute in any way any of this website’ s materials without our previous written consent.
3. All the brand names, products, logos and trademarks appeared in this website are property of their respective owners.
4. Users must not reproduce, download, store in any medium, distribute, transmit or retransmit or manipulate any text except for the purposes of research or private study.
5. All photos, stories and portfolio appeared, mentioned or reported in this website are true and genuine. It may occur, though, for promotional reasons that some of the material might be fictional, but in accordance with all greek and european consumer and advertising regulation.
6. After offering our services, we maintain the right to use and publish material related to your event (photos, video, text, stories etc.) in our “portfolio” section or for other promotional reasons, unless it is otherwise clearly expressed by another agreement. We will not, though, publish or use your personal information such as your full name, residence address or phone numbers.
1. An offer or a promotion may have different terms and conditions, for which the client will be informed before using this offer or promotion.
1. According to the present terms and conditions you expressly agree to indemnify “Goldenappleweddings.com”, its officers, staff, suppliers, third party providers and other partners from and against all possible claims relating to any breach of these terms and conditions by you. Such indemnities include, (but not be limited to) all costs legal and otherwise, all expenses, damages or settlements arising from your breach of these terms and conditions. They also include any liability, expenses and damages which arise out of claims resulting from any material you post to or transmit in any way through “Goldenappleweddings.com” website including (among others) claims for Intellectual Property rights or defamation.
2. We shall not be held liable for any dagame, expenses or settlements occurred either a) by unpredictable events, acts of God, events out of the sphere of our responsibilities b) by misinformation or orders given to us by you (i.e. the desired day/time of the event, the number of the invitees etc.). In case that something of the above occurs, it will be considered that we have fulfilled our contractual obligations and you are obliged to pay for the services rendered. For the above reasons we strongly advise you to insurance your event against this type of incidents.
3. We are to obliged to you to deliver the agreed services with the agreed specifications in the agreed day and time under art. 534 et seq. of Greek Civil Code and the other relevant provisions.
1. “Goldenappleweddings.com” does not guarantee the accuracy, availability, completeness and performance for a particular purpose of this website or any part of this website.
2. “Goldenappleweddings.com” does not guarantee that this website is free of viruses and it is not liable for any direct or indirect for any kind of damages arising from any kind of use or your inability to use of this website. The uses of this website would not be provided to you without the above mentioned limitations. Wherever in this website there are advertisements or external links to third webpages, it is clear that these third webpage are solely responsible for their own content.
3. “Goldenappleweddings.com” does not express or in any way implies any guarantees for the information and services provided by this website. ”Goldenappleweddings.com” shall not be liable for any acts of negligence of the cooperating third parties operating or related partially or at whole our agreed services.
1. We only accept currency in Euro. Payments in other currencies or assets will not be considered as payment and they will be returned unless otherwise expressly agreed.
2. In case of delay in payments as they have been agreed between the parties, Golden Apple preserves the right to deny the rendering of its services or withdraw from the agreement, withholding the already made payments. Additionally, the provisions of “Indemnity” (see above) will also be applicable at this case.
3. In case that after the signing of the agreement there some new costs originated from new services you have asked from us and there is no new further agreement about these costs, you will be informed about the exact amount and the date of payment and you will be asked for your consent. All the existing terms and conditions of the main contract will be also applicable there.
1. If at any case or whatever reason Golden Apple does not use the rights deriving from the contract or the applicable law, this does not mean that Golden Apple is waiving from these rights.
2. For the best delivery of your service, if and whenever you think that your rights deriving from the law or this contract are breached, you must state it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be considered that you waive from that right and no indemnity or reimbursement shall be pursued.
1. By accepting and agreeing to those terms you agree that you are at least 18 years old and that you possess full contractual ability according to the applicable law and that you have domiciled or are habitually residents of Greece.
1. The duration of this agreement ends by the time “Golden Apple” has provided all the agreed services by the day it was agreed to.
1. You have the right to withdraw from the agreement 14 calendar days starting from the next day of the date you have signed the agreement. In order to do that you can send us a declared statement by e-mail or fax. After your withdrawal will return your money in the next 14 days by the day you received this statement, with the same payment means (cheque or bank account) unless we agree otherwise.
2. You understand and fully accept that you cannot withdraw from the agreement if we have already started delivering the services with your prior consent or knowledge. Additionally you cannot withdraw from an agreement including the providance of tailor-made products whether by us or by an affiliate third party. The completed payments are not refundable and Golden Apple has the right to claim extra amount depending on the offered services till then.
Interpretation and Applicable Law
1. You expressly agree that the present terms and conditions shall be interpreted by the Greek Law. The applicable law for any disputes arising according to these terms and conditions, contract or other relationship between you and our company is the Greek Law.
2. The present terms and conditions (including FAQs) and any other terms and conditions related to them, shall be interpreted and construed independently. If it occurs that any part of this agreement is found to be invalid by the applicable law, the other terms shall be considered valid and will not affect the remaining.
1. You expressly agree that for any dispute arised by the present terms and conditions or by the law, fall into the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek Courts and namely to the Courts of the seat of our company.

1. The present terms and conditions are subjects to change. We withhold the right to change these terms without any prior notice. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you read these terms and conditions and the FAQs for updates amendments, every time you are visiting or you are about to make any contractual agreement. In case of change of these terms and FAQs the applicable are these one which existed by the time of the signing of the contract. Golden Apple is obliged to keep copies of all the amendments to these terms and conditions. The client is also obliged to keep a printed copy of the terms existing by the time of the signing of the contract. These terms were last updated on 27/06/2014.
2. Certain offers, promotions, or discounts might be subject to different terms and conditions (“special terms”), for wich the participants will be informed. If for any reasons any of those terms are different or contrary to these present terms or FAQs, the applicable terms are the “special terms”.

- These terms were last updated on 27/06/2014 -

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