Let us be a part of your joyful occasion and put together a memorable baptism celebration! Christenings and baptisms is a great way to get the whole family together to welcome the new baby! 

A baptism event can be as complicated or as simple you want it to be. In Greece, the christening is one of the most important Orthodox Church services. If you travel from abroad and want to share the magic of the Orthodoxy in another country or if Greece and Rhodes keeps a special part on your heart and want to be the background of this unique occasion, we would be truly honored to organize and decorate your baby’s event.  

Godparents traditionally were chosen because of the Christian beliefs. The most important think though is the key role they have in the child’s life. Usually is a member of the family or one of the closest persons in the couple’s life. In Greece there is a tradition that the best man or maid of honor is usually after the godparents. Whichever you choose, make sure that there is a person you love, respect and admire and vice verca, a person that you want to have in your family’s life forever.

As all events, organizing a baptism from abroad, might feel stressful. Once more, our planning process will offer you a hassle free experience. If you are interested on the holistic approach then we will guide you through all steps based on the right timeline. From scouting the church and dinner options, to arrange the photographer, videographer, catering options and of course the design of the decoration and theme and flowers selections from our sister company Kay Creations Rhodes. 

As for the legal paperwork needed, our experienced coordinator will guide you on the best way.In order to get the permission and have the Christening service in the Orthodox church, there is a specific paperwork you need to collect. 
In general this has to do with the birth certificate of the baby (a recent copy and Apostile stamped depending the country), a baptism certificate of the godparent/s and an official paper that states if he/she is single. 
If married then a proof of the Orthodox wedding. It’s important to mention that a godparent who is married on a Civil way only, won’t be acceptable from the church as a godfather. Feeling confused? We are here to guide you through all the steps! 

Dedicating a whole day to your little ones by celebrating life, love and faith. Christenings are a very unique occasion where the family and friends are brought together with a ceremony and dinner to honor the new family member. 
Our years of experience ensure our know-how in creating baptism planning services with endless tailor made supplies. Use our attention to detail, comprehensive management and creative spirit to accomplish your superb event!

As we love fairytales, designing events for your little miracles is what brings us true joy and happiness! Our designers will create the most beautiful scenery for the special day. 
A sweets table with various treats for kids and adults, refreshment stand, photobooth corners, welcome signs, decorative garlands and beautiful flowers, everything based on the event theme we will agree. 
Traveling from abroad is not easy to carry on also the favors and special gifts to offer to the guests, here we are to suggest the top personalized options and also all stationery needs.