Marriage proposals

Dear Groom to be, this section is for you!
When it comes to planning the marriage proposal of your dreams we have got your back! There are thousands ways to pop the question, whether you are thinking doing it on a beach or a place where you both have a personal significance to, we will put together unique ideas for your romantic gesture. 

There is not a single idea to fit everyone because each couple is different. Romance level depends on your personality and it is really important to make something that is matched to you but also to consider what She would dream for this moment. Oh yes, she has probably created the scene many times in her mind and we do want to make a part of this a reality. But definitely, we do want to have you feeling yourself!

Brainstorming is the first thing we will do; the first step you need to take is to contact us and start the process. Either you have already booked your trip to Rhodes, or you want to offer this as a surprise to her, let’s start talking about the best scenario. We will talk together about your story, your lifestyle and about the things you love doing together. The goal is to go above and beyond of what she had ever imagined and to show her how much you care and how much tenderness you have put on planning this special moment of yours. 

You might be the couple who loves having dinners and wine tasting, watching the sunset with your favorite book, going to relaxed and serene places. Or you probably are the type of couples who love adventure, extreme sports or anything who raises the adrenaline. Whatever your style is, we will make the best for the marriage proposal. 

After we have come up to the scenario, just relax and we will handle all details; from booking the selected venue or activity, securing the best vendors (a live instrument, a car transfer or maybe a boat or horse ride), we will have everyone ready on spot. The most important thing is to have everything organized on the right way so she won’t lose the surprise feeling! 

Everything will be ready, we will have already made every single arrangement for you and the only thing to do is just to get your spouse to the location and pop the question! The most important thing is to open your heart and express your feelings. There is no right and wrong script when you will talk about your love. In public or private, you will guide the scenario! 

Wanting to keep this memory forever? What we suggest is going the extra mile and hiring a photographer! He will be the undercover vendor who will deliver the most amazing photos ever. Trust us, giving her afterwards professional photos of the whole moment is something will make her really happy. You will have all the expressions and reactions captured for your life and you will get the chance to share them with the closest friends and family. 

Your proposal deserves the most eager and well-versed planner that will ensure every stage of your special day is orchestrated to perfection.