Pre/Post Wedding Events

Your wedding festivities hardly begin the day you exchange your vows. After all the months of planning your wedding with us, your big day is coming to life before your eyes. Before tying the Knot, especially at destination weddings it is not uncommon for couples to host pre-wedding or post wedding celebrations for their guests. As their host you want to be as accommodating as possible by providing your guests with truly sublime experiences! Our experienced Golden Apple team is your venue scout master when it comes to finding the perfect fit for all the pre- and post-wedding events!

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect way to kick off your celebration! This pre-wedding soiree usually takes place the night or two nights before your wedding and it is all about greeting your guests and rehearsing. After welcoming them to the destination that they traveled in order to honor you and be present on your wedding day, a dinner is the best thing you can do to thank them and ring the bell of the beginning of this festive trip. 
Probably some of the guests do not know each other, especially if you have friends and families that live in different countries. 
This event is a great opportunity for them to meet each other, spend time and create a beautiful relationship before the wedding day. 

A girl-only Kinda event for the bride and her bridesmaids a few days before the big day! At the spa day the soon-to-be-bride can indulge in a few pre-bridal treatments, enjoy massages, facials, detoxified and rejuvenate while having her best friends by her side! 
This would be a good idea to start the wedding holidays! Your friends will appreciate a welcome beauty treatment event and you definitely don’t want to risk having therapies one day before the wedding! 
Make the start of the festivities with a relaxed morning or evening organization to chill out with your friends and pamper yourself. You definitely deserve this after a long time of waiting. 
Our team can find you the best beauty centers all over Rhodes Island to host your mini event with your girlfriends!

Hello & welcome to the wedding destination. If you want to avoid a typical rehearsal but still feel the need to thank your guests for traveling, a welcome party could be the best options for you. Typically this can set up as a cocktail party or BBQ evening.
If you are staying on a villa (that’s will not be used as the wedding venue), you can easily organize a great day by the pool. 
Our experience team will take on the whole planning from cocktail party proposal, catering scouting for the BBQ, DJ, to hiring a bar and catering service!
If this is not the case for you then just give your request and your coordinators will come with detailed list of the best venues for party.  

There is no better end to your destination wedding than the post-wedding gathering! Something that everyone is looking forward to after the wedding is over. The after wedding event is typically held the day after the wedding and it is a great opportunity to discuss about all the fan, touching and crazy moments of the wedding! Who doesn’t want to meet with their besties after a great wedding night? All of us spend time on the phone on the next day talking about gossips and things that happen. 
So one of the greatest ideas would be to organize the next day brunch or lunch or evening relaxed pool party. This has to do with the style of wedding you have, if it’s going to end early or early in the morning, if you are the type of persons who wake up easily – or not and most important consider if you have guests leaving on the next day! 
Trust us, this is a great way to say goodbye to all your guest after a whole week of festivities! We as your wedding planners are experts in hosting this event! 

Welcome Party

Beauty party

Day-After Event

Rehearsal Dinner