Wedding Planning Process

Wedding design & styling 

The whole process of designing and styling a wedding, is based on your own personal style, with every aspect of your love story taken into consideration.
The unique aspects of the couple are therefore reflected in every little detail of their personalized wedding theme.

Everything about your wedding is unique and custom made: the graphic designs on the wedding stationery, the welcome notes and the printed menus, as well as all ceremony related elements (reception, wedding favors, personalized games, flower decorations).
From style boards, palettes, tailored themes and maximalist designs, to the origins of materials and the language of flowers. If there's a scent you long for or a mood you wish to create, a spectacle to please your souls or a style to encapsulate your love story, our stylist’s team will conjure up everything to make your dream a reality. 

This whole process includes the following steps:

Creating the wedding theme & concept

Designing all decorations (decors, florals, etc.)

Overseeing decorations set up and guidance of the teams 

Guidelines for the Stationery - Graphic designs - Printed materials

Designing and coordinating the site plan for the selected venues

Moodboard & Proposal

It is essential for us to comprehend your wedding vision and get to know you better. Establishing a moodboard will assist us in understanding what makes your hearts skip a bit, your absolute favorites, the colors that inspire you and all the little delicious details that fuel your dreams. Soon as you have decided to book us, we will grab an espresso (or a glass of vino if you prefer) and discuss everything. Soon after we will prepare a proposal that best suits your needs and start your planning process building on your fundamentals. 

Art De La Table

Golden Apple always comes with stylish flair. A perfect wedding art de la table will show your gratitude to your guests and entertain them with your personal stamp no matter the mood of your special day! 

Wedding Stationery & Invitations

Choosing the right wedding stationery is the best way to differentiate your wedding from the others and unveil your personal style. The wedding invitation announces to family and friends that your life will start together and invites them to rejoice. 
They can be formal, informal, elegant or whimsical, but the most important thing is that they reveal your personal tastes. It is important you spend some time to choose the right stationery that mirrors the style of event you are planning. Also, we won't forget to include wedding programs, reception cards, banners, stage stickers, and thank you notes… all matching to the style of your wedding invitation. 
We will match you to the stationery master of your dreams, but there's always more if you like something bold to impress, such as onsite calligraphers, artists and illustrators that will surely create quite the sensation with your guests. 

Design & Decor Concepts

Conceptual decor and design just have to be one of the most important parts of a wedding celebration. Golden Apple has been constantly praised by its couples, their guests and the wedding press on its floral installations, design and concepts. Whether you want to make a visual impact on your guests, they should sense that they are attending a magical celebration, unique, that matches your personal vision perfectly. All you have to do is consider your style, theme and color palette and we will discuss with you on how to bring your vision to life and make your wedding larger than life! 

Florals & Bloom Decorations

When people talk about a fabulous wedding they attended, they focus mainly on the things that had a visual impact, such as flowers and how the setting was decorated. Executing floral decorations and decors that personalize your wedding will give a special touch to your special day. Your guests should sense that your wedding has a unique look that expresses perfectly your personality. 
Golden Apple in-house florist and the team designers provide top-quality service, professionals that are expert in creating memorable and stylish decorations. Expect stylized recommendations for your bouquets, boutonnieres, flower boys and girls that appeal to any style and budget. 


One of the first things we ask our couples is to create their wedding vision gallery!

Follow us on Pinterest and get inspired by the thematic boards and ideas we have saved for you to make your personal wedding library!

Don’t waste time, dreams have no limit!