Arriving at the Greek Islands by night is one of those truly magical experiences you never forget; busy harbors strewn with lights, speed boats slicing silently through the shimmering waves, while warm salty air whips through your hair. Half an hour later you and your spouse to be are already experiencing the easygoing buzz of a maze-like chora (main town) where happy crowds gather under bougainvillea festooned walls to enjoy bespoke aperitivo and soul food, and you instantly switch to a the Greek-island mindset.


Your wedding planner has already made every single arrangement for you and the only thing to do is just leave yourself to their welcome.  Resorts sit in a remote southern reach, sandy jewels where  elegant couples wander barefoot, and beach villas marked out by the orange glow of lanterns are hidden behind walls of lush greenery and reveal infinity pools and terraces.  Soon, you get to spend newlywed nights soaking in large stone baths gazing at the stunning canopy of stars above. Click here to read everything you need to know about your wedding venue, or here to get the lowdown on our Villa Weddings.


During the day, the islands slowly wake up and small three wheeled vehicles laden with fresh produce cross the cobbled streets to deliver goods that carry the gifts of the earth and sea. Sitting on boutique cafes, or poolside with your chosen few, you can enjoy the endless clicking of hot savoury salty and sweet breakfasts and iced coffee glasses coming and going, or you get to bond over breakfast with your wedding guests who have just arrived. Wherever your wedding takes place on the Greek islands, there is something fresh to experience, from native scents and colorful blooms -get some Greek flora inspiration for your upcoming wedding here- to the color palettes that dominate the locales of each wedding destination.


And then it's off to unwind in serene private cabanas or luxuriously set beach clubs. Pop-up restaurants and boutiques appear on the beach to indulge the new bride and groom in classy vacay mode as the Greek Islands are the sort of places where a day feels like a lifetime and one thinks up ways to return before they've even left. As your design and planning expert, our aim is to pamper you on your wedding escape, with Concierge Services, Catering & Patisserie, Florals, Decorative Elements, Bridal Beauty, Transportation, Guest Management & RVSP to Paperwork Assistance, Stationery Suites, Entertainment, Photography, and Videography including the sweetest spots to celebrate your love.  High above the bustle, between the sky and sea, the top of the world will become a tangible reality. See one of our favorite weddings here to spark your dreams.


On our books no two weddings are alike. Having planned and styled so many different weddings on several parts of the Greek islands we are sure to say conceptualization is our fuel. Since you are eloping - which means fewer guests - you can go absolutely creative with your decor, florals and photography. As the Greek Islands are becoming some of the hottest wedding destinations, a sea of creatives will present you with tons of options in realizing your dreams - including booking your dream photographer and getting photographed in jaw-dropping backdrops- plus the opportunity to have some great decoration details you otherwise would consider twice. Allow us to lead you into a great journey of creativity and fun. Great plus?  With a Greek island elopement you get to really focus on each other and this meaningful step in your lives. It doesn’t get more romantic than that! Check out this recent wedding to see what we mean!