WEDDING VILLAS IN GREECE COME IN ALL SHAPES, SIZES, AND STYLES - From regional flavors to intimate settings the list of villas to tie the knot in Greece can come down to endless. Whether you wish for an outdoor wedding with rustic touches or an upscale al fresco affair with immaculate azure views Greek wedding villas will allow you to enjoy all the traditions that make this country great or bring your country's own cultural notes, while treating your guests to a memorable event. From private whitewashed properties to luxury adobes with infinity pools, and from garden corseted residences to stone-built manors, Greece is blessed with tons of architectural styles, depending on your destination. Whether you're getting wed in a big city, a rural area, or the Greek isles, you will find plenty of natural surroundings that offer a variety of opportunities for your unique first-look imagery, while various wedding locations in Greece serve up a varied menu of villa styles for every budget, capable of hosting big wedding events and give you amazing photography options for your portraits, party and group shots.

HOT TIP: Before you Skype your wedding planner about your villa wedding it's best to have your budget and number of guests under consideration so they can start working pronto on finding which villa is right for your event.

SPECTACULAR VIEWS - Greeks love their views of the open skies, azure sea and gardens. Your villa wedding can have a very intimate, relaxed or formal feel about it. The majority of villas offered for weddings come with pools and beautiful decor and will have you gaze at the starry skies and fiery sunsets for days.

IT MAKES A PERFECT WEDDING-HOLIDAY HOME - If you are planning a destination wedding in Greece, then you probably wish to spend a few days exploring around or go island hopping. Perfect for keeping your wedding expenses in the low, renting a villa for your destination wedding will minimize the cost of accommodation and transportations when you get to share it with family and friends. The majority come with cleaning services, incredibly chic decor and luxury amenities, that will give you a great chance to languidly soak under the sun, have BBQs, parties. Expect to find everything you need from staffing, equipment, linen, catering, wine cellars, and practically everything you can imagine.

BOTH BRIDE AND GROOM CAN HAVE THEIR WEDDING PREPARATIONS - Having a villa wedding in Greece will make it easy breezy for you to have your wedding preparations on the spot. As every villa is designed to be distinctively spacious you don't have to meet each other right outside the bathroom door. The majority offer distant cabanas and floors so you can be prepped without bumping into each group, while you have the perfect opportunity to shoot your First Look images soon as you are done.

SETTING HEAVEN - You can convert your wedding villa into a unique venue to fit your wedding vision like a glove! As you have total privacy and plenty of time for your wedding planner to create the setting you can only dream big!

HOT TIP: It's important to check if your villa is sound proof or slightly isolated as you do not want to have any issues with the music if you choose to party until late. However the chances of getting reprimanded for wanting to party on your wedding day are faint, as Greece is a party nation who understands that your wedding celebration needs to be filled with magic and serious partying!

SPECIAL LOGISTICS - When deciding on how to throw your destination wedding in a villa, you need to know that it will require special logistics as everything has to be taken care from scratch. We are highly experienced when it comes to coordinating, planning and creating bespoke villa weddings in Greece, so if you are in search of more information we will be happy to give you all that you need!

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