The Secluded Treasureof the Aegean

For those of you that want to be totally detached from the best sellers of the Aegean, Kastellorizo Weddings is your chance to experience the Greek beauties in the most meaningful way!
The island's official name is Megisti and means "biggest" or "greatest" and comes in contrast to its small size. It refers to the fact that it is the largest of the small archipelago. The houses are slender and characterized by wooden balconies and windows of the Anatolian type.
It lies almost 2 kilometers off the south coast of Turkey. A perfect chance to arrange for you a day trip to explore the beauties of the neighbor small Town "Kas".

Spending your days in Kastellorizo, will make you feel like being home. Most probably you will know most locals by their name after your first day in the Island. No cars and no motcycles, here is a true paradise where you forget to count the hours and you let go of the amazing feeling when leaving on this port. You will be able to walk in some minutes and you will enjoy tours around with the local boats. 
Our close partnership with the local hotels and restaurants makes us capable to create the most beautiful event for you! From the planning of your accommodation, arranging the suppliers from Rhodes, synchronizing the trip's program to welcoming your guests in an endless wedding party! Forget the stress that comes from big places, this is where you will have dinner on the edge of the water with a traditional way if you choose one of the restaurants on the port. And if you are seeking for some type of privacy, the hotel at the end of the bay will be your personal place!

Alexandras Restaurant

As you walk through the port you will find one of the most famous restaurants about the amazing food! Become part of the locals and enjoy an unforgettable dinner.

Megisti Hotel 

Located on the edge of harbor, designed in absolute harmony with the islands breathtaking natural surroundings, with the largest private terrace.

Poseidon Hotel

A complex built in traditional architectural style characteristic, located on harbor offers the opportunity to organize small precious events right in front of the hotel.


We strongly believe on people’s value

There is something magic when you let your heart free and enjoying the bonding of souls. 
Not only those getting married but the unbeatable feeling of sharing this experience with your most valuable people.