Tying the knot in Greece is a breeze for the majority of couples from around the world who wish to have an Orthodox wedding ceremony, a Catholic wedding ceremony or a civil wedding. However, where Lebanese-Maronite weddings are concerned it is necessary for you as a couple to know that in Greece there is no Maronite church.

We've heard that a civil Maronite wedding is possible in Greece, isn't that true?

As much as we would like to answer yes to this -something that sadly many agencies have done - a civil Maronite in Greece is not possible. The reason is that in order for a civil wedding to take place in Greece, the local authorities follow a specific legal paperwork procedure and request a very specific document, the non-impediment paper which does not exist in Lebanon. Without this paper, it is not possible to obtain a marriage license in Greece.

We are Lebanese/Maronite who would love to get married in Greece, what are our options?

Lebanese-Maronite couples who would love to get married in Greece have two options: they can either have a regular orthodox ceremony or have their civil Maronite wedding in Lebanon and come over to Greece for a symbolic ceremony and their entire celebration. Hundreds of Lebanese weddings take place in Greece every year. In fact, if you are a Pinterest loving couple, you will find tons of inspiration and reasons to have your wedding in this beautiful country. However be advised, the images you view online are from symbolic Lebanese/Maronite ceremonies and the utterly beautiful parties and celebrations following are one hundred percent authentic.

What will our symbolic Lebanese/ Maronite ceremony be like?

Your symbolic Lebanese/Maronite ceremony can be just as grand and immensely romantic as the actual ceremony. You can work on your personal vows together with the celebrant to create your customized ceremonial text. Anyone from your family of close friends can be involved, you can read from the Mystery of Crowning booklet, and the Cedars of Lebanon book, while a cantor can be indispensable. You can have a soloist or choir and an organist, and practically tailor your symbolic ceremony to your personal vision. Throw your Sharet Arouss at your favorite destination as your preferred wedding planner will help you with the gorgeous details of both your pre-wedding parties and all your wedding traditions, from your Zaffee dancers to your Mezza style dinner to the grandest reception and firework show. Dream big as there are no limits to the luxuries or the possibilities of a huge wedding production in Greece. Need more insights on planning your Lebanese/Maronite symbolic wedding ceremony and stunning wedding festivities? We'd be more than excited to help you plan your wedding in Greece! Head to our Golden Apple Weddings contact page, fill in your details and let's start making your dreams come true! Don't forget to add your favorite Golden Apple Weddings images from our site on your Pinterest board and let us know what makes your heart leap. We can only promise to make you happy!