Rhodes offers the possibility to visit Symi for a few days’ escape and have a traditional wedding in this magical Island!

1 hour and 30 minutes catamaran ride from Rhodes port, offer neoclassical architecture and colorful houses built amphitheatrically over the Island’s port. The watch tower, built in 1880 in the port dominates the Venetian village. The houses are famous for the fireplaces in the courtyards, the ornamental tiles, balconies overlooking the sea and the distinct colors of the houses’ outer walls.

The people of Symi are famous for being excellent sea men and sponge divers so enjoy the fresh seafood on offer and the natural sponges hanging from the boats in the harbor. Savor the nearby secluded beaches by taking a water taxi or just enjoy a tour of the Island. A must see is the Byzantine monastery of Archangel Michael, accessible by boat and by bus from Symi Town, famous for the murals and the wooden ornamental interior.

The incredible thing with this island is that has more 364 churches and monasteries… It is sure you will find your favorite for an Orthodox Wedding. And for those seeking the ideal place for a Civil or Symbolic Wedding, Symi has a lot of hidden places to experience your ceremony in the most beautiful way!

During your stay in Symi we can arrange pre-wedding parties tightening the two families together. Sea-food dinner's in the Island's restaurants and boat trips to explore the hidden beaches are some of the ideas that can make your days unforgettable!