Lindos is one of the most beautiful villages in Rhodes Island. 

If you have visited Rhodes and you haven’t seen Lindos, then you have to come back again!

Lindos is a real gem. The site, which has been inhabited since 2.000 BCE and is even mentioned by homer as a contributor to the Greek force in Iliad, lies 48km from Rhodes Town and combines the beauty of Aegean architecture and golden sandy beaches with emerald clear waters.

The whitewashed houses of Lindos create an amphitheatric shape which has on its top the Acropolis housing a combination of three different civilizations and cultures that left their mark in the area.

The steps through the village lead to the bottom of the Medieval fortification which is built on top of the ancient Greek one. Climbing the stairs in order to get into the Acropolis, you can see signs of ancient Greek, Byzantine and even Arab influences in the way the whole village is laying there in front of your feet.  In the Acropolis you have the ancient Greek ruins and a Byzantine church as well.

From the top you have a view of the beautiful and picturesque gulf of St Paul, an idyllic place where many Orthodox weddings and christenings are being held every year, and Lindos bay as well, the main beach of the village.

Tip 1: It’s worth dedicating a whole day to Lindos. The village offers two magnificent bays for swimming, photo opportunities all over the place and we believe that you should finish your day on the roof top of a restaurant drinking a bottle of wine and enjoying the view of the Acropolis of Lindos and the Greek night sky.

Tip 2: Just before Lindos, there is an open space where you can park and take amazing photos of the whole region including Kleovoulos tomb, another landmark of the area.

Tip 3: Lindos tends to get really warm, really fast during the day. Wear sunscreen, a cap or a hat, take plenty of water and we believe that the best option is to start your ascension to the Acropolis as early as possible.

One of the best hotels of the Island are located in Lindos Village and that makes an ideal selection for your wedding.