On September 2015 Kastellorizo had the great pleasure to host the wedding group of Demetris and Roxana! An Australian couple that decided to travel to that Aegean gem to experience the most important days of their lives.

The “Kassies” are the people whose roots start from Kastellorizo and on the last years more and more couples have the dream to come back to their parents and grandparents places with their friends and family. It is so emotional to celebrate the start of your new life back there when your family started! And this what Demetris were always dreaming!

The Island’s background is the most romantic setting and the feeling you get while spending time in this land is a tribute to tradition.

Almost 80 guests consisted of the family and closest friends traveled from Australia and various European countries, a few days prior to the wedding. In order to ensure that all the necessary arrangements will be completed on the best possible way, Demetris & Roxana trusted their wedding planning process to the Golden Apple Weddings team. Starting from the guests’ management, a detailed program of welcoming the guests to Rhodes was prepared in order to help them on their journey until they reach the final destination!

All suppliers were selected, negotiate and planned from Rhodes in order to offer the best of services. The florist and general decoration that was settled up on the ceremony and reception, photographer and special equipment.

An impressive 5 minutes fireworks’ show turned the night into a day and impressed the guests and all residents of the Island. Traditional live instruments escort the bride to the church in a very touching moment! They started entertaining the wedding reception with traditional songs until the deejay took over the party!

One of the highlights of the day were the trip with the traditional boat! The short distances of this jewel Island and the warm hospitality of the Kastellorizian people is what offers great opportunities when spending time there. Just after the ceremony. we surprised the couple waiting them with this small boat to take them to the reception area. It was a great opportunity to sail around the port and get magical photos with the picturesque background of the local houses!

One more unforgettable experience in this unique destination! Kastellorizo offers the chance to have a traditional wedding in a secluded island spending quality time with your beloved ones!

Roxanne & Demetris

PLANNING & STYLING - Golden Apple Weddings
VENUE - Megisi Hotel
PHOTOGRAPHER - Antonis Giannelis