We've talked about the essentials in Wedding-Flower 1O1- Part #1 , and discussed factors that will affect your wedding floral choices in Wedding-Flower 1O1 - Part #2. It's time now to get to the more practical aspects of planning about your wedding blooms.


THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES ALL THE BLOOMS. One of the first steps in scoring the perfect wedding florist is by word of mouth. Reviews and blogs are a safe source to begin your research with. BUT ... when planning a destination wedding at a country you have not had the opportunity to travel to before, you will want to book a floral designer who knows the area well, comes with a portfolio of works you appreciate, and at the same time will be able to accomodate your request during peak season. Booking at least 7-8 months is important. Florists book up fast, and vetting them along with your wedding planner is essential.



NOT ALL FLORISTS ARE MADE EQUAL. It is one thing to contact a flower dealer and a completely different case to hire someone to also work on your wedding flower design. Kay Creations will help you create your arrangements but also assist you in designing the look of your reception tables and ceremonial grounds. A florist may help you order the flowers you need but a floral designer will also coordinate the stems and create sensation.


BETWEEN 10 TO 20 PERCENT of your total wedding cost normally goes to flowers and décor (aka reception details, cocktail arrangements, bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, ceremony & aisle blooms). Be savvy about your time (and your florist's) and let them in on your actual wedding flower budget available. If you do wish to have lavish installations, flower-walls, or out of the season blooms during a season of less availability perhaps you need to invest more, including the extras, like setup and breakdown charges or import taxes.



FLOWER LOGISTICS. You want your florals to arrive in time for your first bridal portraits and you want to have your session when they look all fresh. We mean your boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquet. Ask your florist to provide some vases filled with water to keep them fresh, avoid leaving them in the sun as direct sunlight will have them wilt, and enjoy them as much as possible.


RECLAIMED BLOOMS. There are ways to recycle your blooms, at least a little more than simply having them removed right after your vows. Aisle arrangements can be used to flank your dessert stations, or add a punch to your escort card table, while your arbor can be moved to the exit. Some of your arrangements can be gifted to your guests, or be used to create a beautiful mini floral market for them to choose and take home.



DETAILED PROPOSAL SCENARIOS. Now that you've began to fathom the wedding flower planning essentials it's time to ask your florist for two (yes 2) detailed proposal scenarios. One can be the highest possible budget and the other the lowest. Yes you can always mix these and tailor your scheme, but honesty is gold when it comes to wedding planning and you do not wish to waste anyone's time.



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