During Wedding Flower 1O1-PART #1 our wedding style-talk began with the most important things to know about your wedding florals. Here is more to know about what can affect your choice of wedding flowers.


OF NAMES & HUES: While some brides-to-be talk of peonies with their wedding florist what they actually have in mind is a specific hue of pink that attracted them to the actual bloom in the first place. Being more definitive about whether it is the variety, the color or the texture of the flowers will make it so much easier to choose. Think about the kind of celebration you aim to have. Vibrant shades are more modern, while pastels are classic and uber-feminine. Sage green and white make a timeless combination, while fluffy stems give weddings a laid-back feel. Choose one hue or a bunch of shades or send your florist a swap of your bridesmaid dresses.


THE VENUE EFFECT: While doing your wedding planning research you've probably stumbled across some stunning florals and palettes that inspired you enough to save in your Pinterest board. When done right, regardless of the season, you'll notice that all successful wedding floral schemes have something in common: they perfectly resonate with the venue and the backdrop. Saying I do at the beach will impact your florals differently than getting married at a mansion or a private villa. Vows at different Greek islands differ immensely as each comes with a very distinctive character architecturally and color-wise. Your wedding florals must look like they belong. Opt for clusters of wildflowers in a botanical garden, keep white-orchids away from rustic settings, and as your table configuration (farm-tables vs rounds for example) will also infuence your choices allow the venue style to guide your scheme.





SIZE MATTERS Venue-wise, large arrangements fit best wide open spaces, and would look overwhelming in a smaller space.


PROPORTIONS MATTER The type of your wedding dress will also play a major role in coordination to your bouquet (If you're petite cascade will make you look even smaller).


FRAGRANCE MATTERS No bride would like to sneeze her way down the aisle, so you better keep uber-fragrant buds like freeseias, gardenias, tuberoses, jasmine vine and lilacs in moderation for your bouquet.


WEIGHT MATTERS A super-heavy bouquet may proove a real challenge given that you will be carrying it not only down the aisle but throughout your portrait sessions.



STYLE MATTERS Chic architectural varieties in minimalist arrangements are more modern, and loose clusters of vibrant flowers mixed with greenery exude a rustic feel. Work with your florist to pick the style that matches the overall look of your day. Or break away from traditional centerpieces and experiment with floral alternatives, like feathers, fruits or even wheatgrass.


MEANING MATTERS The Victorians assigned meanings to florals so if you're looking for personalized nods to your wedding flowers checking out the interpretations will do that for you. After all it's all about creating something unique.


CONSIDER ALL ARRANGEMENTS when choosing your wedding blooms. All eyes will be on your wedding bouquet as you exchange your vows but also on the wedding arch that frames the ceremony. These incredible arrangements will be in many of your images including that of your first kiss and husband and wife! Boutonnieres, escort card displays and cocktail table clusters are equally important.



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