Picking up your favourite blooms and having them sent to you at home may be a breeze, but choosing your wedding blooms may turn out to be a little more trickier. We've put together the most important tips to help you cum bloom-erudite and communicate your needs to your floral designer.


BE WELL-SCHOOLED when you get talking to your florist, and they'll instantly smile with appreciation. What is a Biedermeier, a Nosegay, a Fan, a Pomander, a Cascade? There are so many types of wedding bouquets, arrangements and of course florals. Take some time to figure out what you'd love to have, learn the names of your favourite blooms, their seasons and the varieties they come in before engaging in petal-talk with your florist. This will save you both time and they will know you mean business.


PINBOARDING IS THE NEW NOTE-TAKING, BUT... - Creating an inspiration board topped with your wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, the fabrics and palettes will cue your florist in on what you seek to accomplish. BUT.... Remember that what you Pin cannot be an exact replica of your actual outcome. Like all artists floral designers have their own unique vision and desire to curate something unique for you, so allow them the visual inspiration but also the ability to create. Talk about what inspires you in the Pins you have gathered. Perhaps it is the decadent hues, the loose vibe or the classical style. Knowing this means that substitutions can be made and a stunning result will arrive.





OUT OF SEASON BLOOMS WON'T DO YOUR BOARD ANY GOOD. While there are flowers available all year-round (winner) some varieties and species are available only during particular seasons. You need stems that are of the season and able to last the location and weather conditions of your wedding.


IF IT LOOKS LIKE PEONIES IT MAY BE GARDEN ROSES. So what happens if your favorite flowers are not in season or their price tag makes you feel 'errrrr... no'? Just like with fine gems or designer pieces, there is always a way to achieve a smashing floral style with  substitute buds. If you can't have peonies because they're not in season why not go for garden roses? They carry the same ruffled petals and full bloom as peonies and come in a range of hues that are so close to the real thing. The same applies to other kinds of flowers such as hydrangeas and sweet peas, Lilacs and Purple Buddleia or Stock, Gardenias and Vendela or Tibet Roses, Viburnum and Small green hydrangea, and many more, not to mention greenery.



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