1. Your wedding dress sets the tone for the wedding as a whole, that is why we always ask our gorgeous brides-to-be to keep the venue and theme in mind as they browse gowns, because the last thing we want is for your dress to clash with your overall wedding style.


2. Think of a Long Veil – it makes for some of the best pictures, this is why we encourage brides to choose a long veil on their wedding day.



3. Don't forget to think of getting ready outfit. Matching robes for you and your getting ready party could be a great idea! Choose something elegant and preferably not patterned – it will make you all shine!


4. Buy flats for the reception. Sophisticated ballet-style slippers look great with a wedding dress, so bring a pair to put on when you want to cut loose (especially for beach weddings!)


5. If you are wearing spanx under your gown, get the kind with the opening.





6. Ask your fiancée about the style she’s going for; sure you will not have details of her gown – but some information of colors, style, materials will help you to choose suit that reflects her style. Remember, you should complement your lady, not overshadow her.


7. If you decide to have a combination of shirt & dark colored trousers for your outfit (without jacket or waistcoat - we understand, it is hot here), try to avoid pure white color for your shirt.


8. Because of hot weather it is advisable to have a spare shirt, in case you feel that you need to change it some time between the ceremony / photo shooting / reception.





9. As soon as you decide the theme and colors of your wedding style, do not forget to think about dress code for your guests. Choose 1-2 main colors that suit your wedding theme and ask your guests to be dressed in these colors. Inform them on your wedding website of seasonal requirements also (light cozy summer outfits, appropriate shoes for the venue you chose – especially beach).


10. There are lots of options to choose from when selecting a location to get ready in, make sure you choose one that will reflect the look and feel of your wedding day. Search for rooms with lots of sunlight, with large windows – soft light is everything for great photos! Use your imagination and visualize how it can look on your wedding preparation photos!


11. Make sure to buy a safety kit for your wedding day. Great things to include in the kit are: stain removal, small scissors, a mini sewing kit, hairspray, safety pins, bobby pins, energy bars, gum, breath mints, q-tips, band aids, tampons, deodorant. One of your bridesmaids (or us) can take care of carrying it during your wedding day.


12. Having a unique ring box can help your ring pictures be fantastic! Take care of having it in color theme of your wedding. You can check for ideas!



Enjoy each moment sharing ideas with your beloved ones!



Don’t forget that this is your wedding day, let your heart lead your decisions.