Wishing to follow the sun and have your vow renewal in a dreamy destination? You will be totally sold on the sunny clime of Rhodes island, Greece! We've rounded up the best tips for your Rhodes island vow renewal to make yours a breeze. Life's a beach on the Island of knights, so follow our vow renewal tips below to help you plan your (second) special day!

A VOW RENEWAL SHOULD BE OH -SO PERSONAL: Should you treat your vow renewal as a second wedding? In short, no but in its own special way.... yes!



· Why not? Because instead of focusing on putting on an affair to impress everyone else, a vow renewal is meant to be your personal celebration. You can do it alone with your partner, with close friends and family, which means you don't necessarily have to plan for 200 people.


· Why yes? If your vow renewal is your chance to have the party of a lifetime, then go for it. No rules should apply when it comes to feelings. There is tons of inspiration to create an intimate celebration, and zillions of ideas to create a luxury vow renewal in Rhodes. You can go neat and chic on the beach or you can go glamorous poolside. It's all a matter of who you are at this point in life, what your goals are and what drives you. You see? Personal!


PROPOSE, AGAIN : A marriage proposal is a life-changing event. Sometimes there's serious pressure on coming up with the perfect one. Just because you and your spouse are already wed it doesn't mean you should not propose, again. Reserve at your favourite restaurant, get creative with a note or a statement presentation. It all adds up to how you wish to romance your partner in life. Because yes, a renewal proposal is double as romantic.



WHAT TO WEAR FOR YOUR VOW RENEWAL : Life has brought you to a place that is not just surviving, but thriving! You've found a place to excel, with a family you love and excels with you. Your path has not been a simple one, but you have the vision, and the confidence to be your incredible person. Your dressing should be all about it! You can wear white, you can dress in pink, you can choose a romantic gown or a cocktail dress, you can go sleek or finally put on that designer look you've been coveting. Just like your vow renewal, your vow renewal dressing should be ... YOU AT YOUR BEST!


PARTYING IS NOT ONLY FOR BACHELORETTES: What an incredible way of catching up with your old friends! Plan to enjoy an entire day out, have a SPA, go shopping (Rhodes island is a paradise for sprees), have your hair and makeup done, tour the old town and dine at an elegant restaurant, have a relaxed afternoon sipping on mimosas with your favorite ladies at brunch and step out in dazzling metallics and loose silk pants, pop a bubbly by the seafront. There are so many things to do for your Rhodes vow renewal crew party we could write a book.



THE VOW RENEWAL BOUQUET IS THE NEW "IT"! : Just because a vow renewal is not a wedding, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bouquet! When choosing a vow renewal bouquet, go for something that mixes the old with the new. Feel free to get creative by pairing classic wedding flowers like roses and peonies, with eclectic wildflowers like poppies, or exotic blooms like protea, or add a dash of design. You won't be tossing it but you want it to look smashing in your photographs!


THE VOW RENEWAL CEREMONY CAN BE HELD ANYWHERE YOU CHOOSE IN RHODES : A vow renewal can be held anywhere from a chapel, a beach, an olive grove, near the old town, inside your old town hotel, or in the comfort of your villa. There are no strict rules that apply, so make it a personal experience by choosing a place that is the most meaningful for you and your spouse, and if you plan on having your lovely coterie, then a place they can attend!


THE VOW RENEWAL CEREMONY IS AN EXCHANGE OF VOWS: During a vow renewal ceremony, vows are exchanged and it is an opportunity for you to reflect on your relationship and be grateful for everything you have accomplished together up to this point. During the vow renewal ceremony you will be exchanging rings and recite your vows to each other, which means you can personalize them as much as you wish.

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