We'd be lying if we said there are few decisions to make for your big day, or that planning is a breeze right from the first moments. But hey! Our destination wedding in Greece experts are here to walk you through in how to choose your wedding color palette like a Pro! Because believe it or not, the color palette or scheme is the one decision that will streamline all the rest! Are you ready to lock down your perfect palette for the big day?


BEGIN WITH SOME VENSPO- AKA VENUE INSPIRATION. Your wedding venue is so significant in assisting you to select your hues. Venues set the tone and overall aesthetic, so the colors you choose for your wedding palette and your location should align. There are always pastels and neutrals to keep things under control but coordination means either showing off something dramatically different to pop or going with the same idea. Using your venue's or location's textures can also be huge in choosing hues as one side of the texture can serve as the dominant palette while the underlying shade as the extra. Is there stone? Hay? Are you at the beach? Is there grass or wood? are questions that come up with answers in colors.


DRAW FROM YOUR DESTINATION. If you're interested in getting wed in the Greek islands you only have to do a Pinterest walk around boards and view some of the vistas in your destination. Seek out the architecture, the natural landscape, the vibes but also the shifting hues of the clouds, the skies, the sunsets and the sea.


PERSONALITY GOES A LONG WAY and your sense of style can give you fabulous insights in which palettes you are most attracted to. Get as personal as you would when chosing your furnishings, the colors of your walls, or the outfits you enjoy wearing the most. Do they come with stripes and paterns, or are you into monochrome and colorblocking? Would you go bold and statement or low key? Draw from everyday life and spotlight your personality in the hues you chose for your wedding day.


THE OBVIOUS CHOICE IS HARDLY THE RIGHT CHOICE, say the floral designers at Kay Creations. Sometimes couples may want to select florals to complement a theme they have chosen that are too obvious feeling a bit intimidated they'll go overboard. For example, instead of bringing pinks to a romantic affair go for less discernible choices like café au lait with sage, or buttermilk yellow with soft peach pink.



THE COLORS OF THE SEASON ARE THERE FOR A REASON BUT they should not hinder you from creating a unique palette, plus not every destination is the same as the rest even during the same season. There's a huge difference between summer in Arizona or Tulum and summer in the Greek islands. That said, what you can do is go with what the season feels like for you. We've had a bride who asked for maroon and deep blue in high summer and the result was so interesting to see compared to the usual summer pastels, and downright fabulous!


TRENDY OR NOT ? Remember those mom jeans that were so in during the 80s? Although they did make a serious come back, fashionphiles kept deeming them as horrid for about 40 years. As it happens, trends are passing fads. They may come around at some point but then again you might be too old to even bother with them. We don't suggest stirring completely clear off a wedding trend if it represents your personality. If so embrace it all the way! But choosing to follow a trendy palette just because it's well... trendy, means you're running the risk of landing with an event that will feel too outdated, or not like yourself in two years time. You don't want to look at your images and wish you had gone a different route. There are so many sources of timeless inspiration out there, from films to novels and from photography to painting what has always been your kind of timeless should follow you on the big day!


BEAUTIFUL MEDLEYS are so interesting. There are ways of picking more than two hues for the big day and creating a seriously pretty effect. To medley like a pro, go for 3 focal hues and 3 coordinating colors or tones. Get inspired by your favourite printed dress or work of art. Keep in mind that aside from the hues you will be choosing you will need to add some volume to your event with metallics (see cutlery, candy boxes, stands and more). So we are not only talking about 7-8 hues coming together. If you're a color loving mamma, see how your favourite fashion designers choose to create prints and textures and draw right from their folios.


REMEMBER At the end of the day... CHOOSE WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, because your wedding is a celebration and you are meant to have fun with every choice you make.