Wishing to follow the sun and have your vow renewal in a dreamy destination? You will be totally sold on the sunny clime of Rhodes island, Greece! We've rounded up the best tips for your Rhodes island vow renewal to make yours a breeze. Life's a beach on the Island of knigths, so follow our vow renewal tips below to help you plan your (second) special day! Read our first part if you haven't we're pretty certain you'll find everything so useful!



A VOW RENEWAL IN RHODES IS THE PERFECT CHANCE TO VISIT GREECE "By seeing Greece you can see as much of life as the world can show" goes the saying. Allow us to brag a bit for living in one of the dreamiest destinations on the globe. It's not just the sightings, the flavors, the hues, and the scents. It's not simply a matter of luxuries (they are literally endless), or quirky hot spots, the tastemaking and gastronomy, the art, culture, and fashion (you will find all that,  and let's just say the list can go on for ages). But what we pride in the most is the spirit of free abandon, the constant joy around life, the appreciation of finer things and the constant belief that every day of the week, every week of the year life is worth living to the fullest. Now that is something worth being on top of your travel bucket list, don't you think?


A VOW RENEWAL DINNER OR RECEPTION IS A MUST! This is the most fun aspect of a vow renewal in Rhodes and where you can truly celebrate. Your reception can be anything from an intimate dinner party, to a fun cocktail party, or why not? Both ! During the reception, you can share your old wedding album with your guests, or play a slideshow of photos you and your spouse have taken together throughout the years. You can organize fun games for your guests, or make it just the two of you in a secluded beach and romance under a canopy of starry skies till late at night!


FEEL FREE TO INVITE ANYONE YOU PLEASE Your time should be spent enjoying the company of the friends and family you actually feel are the ones you want to have on your side. We've seen vow renewals for 200, we've seen vow renewals for 20, and for 5. Remember you are doing this to uncover thrills and to enjoy the best out of your vow renewal destination. We will make sure everything runs seamlessly no matter how intimate or big your crowd is but create your list with the heart up your sleeve.


MARRIAGE HAS A NICE RING TO IT! So should you be buying a new pair of rings, or go with the old ones?  For a vow renewal, you can go with either option! If you choose to exchange your old wedding rings, a common practice is to get them engraved either with a special message or a meaningful quote.


OFFICIALLY YOURS, AGAIN! A vow renewal ceremony in Rhodes island, Greece does not have any legal connotation, so anyone can officiate a vow renewal in Rhodes. You can choose a pastor, a close friend, a relative or even your oldest child to be your officiant. You can choose to hire a vow renewal officiant or celebrant to preside over the ceremony or have a unity ritual with your family, reading to each other, twining ribbons and speaking from the heart! How sweet is this!


VOW RENEWAL CAKES ARE THE SWEETEST: You don't necessarily have to go for a single cake or a wedding cake for your vow renewal. Offer your guests, or family an array of local delicacies, an assortment of flavors, or our favourite sugar-flower mini cakes (for more inspiration see an elaborate version of these beauties here) to score both pretty and incredible flavors.


WALKING DOWN THE AISLE FOR THE SECOND TIME: Instead of having the “bride” be escorted down the aisle, it is common during a vow renewal for the couple to walk from opposite sides and meet in the middle. You can also choose to have your children walk with you down the aisle. Needless to say this will land you with incredible images too!