Are you planning to tie the knot in 2019? We're perfectly sure you've pinned every little detail from last summer's wedding season, but before you go ahead and order your perfect posies, the Golden Apple Wedding Flower Update Part 2 is here with the 2019 wedding floral trends you need to know.



We're not talking of course about the atmospheric ghost light but the wild, overgrown, wispy wedding blooms that are bound to steal the show at your wedding. Allow for florals to reign supreme on your wedding hemming both sides of your aisle, set your entire ceremony upon a flower bed, or go for an arch that sprawls with buds, and flora that dips, juts, and hangs in all directions.


The 90's kid- Shower Bouquets in All Shapes and Sizes

Although shower bouquets can come at a little extra cost, they can create absolutely smashing signature looks and can serve perfectly as both bouquets and floral installments on your wedding venue. They are over the top, rigorous and take more hours to build. Your mama probably saw them sported on the 80s and 90s weddings. Sported by Princess Diana you'll find them making a serious comeback this season and if you would like to give your royal posie an updated look go for foliage only or wild-flower dos focusing on one large or many small floral styles.


On the antipode:


The Zen of Wabi-Sabi

Embrace the art of the perfectly imperfect. Wabi” is said to be defined as “rustic simplicity” or “understated elegance” with a focus on a less-is-more mentality. “Sabi” is translated to “taking pleasure in the imperfect.” The Zen philosophy comes with seven aesthetic principles, Kanso — simplicity /Fukinsei — asymmetry or irregularity / Shibumi — beauty in the understated / Shizen — naturalness without pretense /Yugen — subtle grace /Datsuzoku — freeness, and Seijaku — tranquility. A great example of wabi-sabi in creativity is the art of kintsugi, where cracked pottery is filled with gold dusted lacquer as a way to showcase the beauty of its age and damage rather than hiding it.  Forget any outdated installations, allow your wedding florals to breathe and sign "signature" all over your event.