Are you planning to tie the knot in 2019? We're perfectly sure you've pinned every little detail from last summer's wedding season, but before you go ahead and order your perfect posies, the Golden Apple wedding flower update is here with the 2019 wedding floral trends you need to know.


Climactic Floral Installations

One of the most popular wedding trends ever, floral installations went totally viral soon as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot. Their floral arch will keep on inspiring weddings till the next big royal wedding generates tons of wedding inspiration Pins. Whether your vision entails a climactic arch, a peony and rose crafted chandelier, a stunning, flower-laden moon-door or a wow-factor floral carpet and tapestry you're bound to make a statement!


Darling Dahlia

It is easy to see why the symmetry of Dahlia blooms can create such a big impact on your wedding flower arrangements. Growing in abundance for several months, May, June, September, and October, incredibly pretty and with dozens of hues, sizes, and varieties, there certainly is no shortage of ways to implement dahlias with more seasonal flowers. Go for the "dinner plate" variety, the Café au Lait, that can actually blossom as large as your dinnerware, and serve as both a coordinating bloom or the star of your show.


Rustic Sophistication

Like love notes from spring and summer days to come, heirloom blooms and seasonal foliage has been scattered across runway's most romantic bridal gowns and cooly sophisticated wedding florals are no exception to the fact that natural and rustic certainly do not mean burlap wrapped bouquets and kitch accents. Budding branches in neutral tones and unique textures, fuzzy pods, berries, fruits, seeds, and native grasses will make your floral décor really individual. Take cue from your wedding destination's natural stock and build on your floral index with unique twists.


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