The man of your dreams popped the question. You said yes to the man and yes to that sparkler on your finger. Hooray! You're officially engaged! Right after you've called your mom and your best friend, here's 5 tips you need to find your next best friend, your wedding planner! Getting to plan your wedding will almost every time referred to as "the process", which means you're bound for some serious organizing, lots of effort, patience and time.

Some brides-to-be face it sceptically, considering this new relationship is quite the task, and others seem to have no problem keeping everything together and actually landing the wedding planner of their dreams. Rather than holding any feels back or start thinking you're the "difficult" kind of bride, let us say that a) obviously you are not , b) that you are rather as concerned as every bride should be, and, c)  this is absolutely healthy. Instead of letting the process of finding your wedding planner get you bogged down and create stress, here are 5 key elements to note in order to find your ideal wedding planner and partner up to plan your upcoming special day like a breeze. From the day you say yes, to the moment you've returned home as husband and wife, the Golden Apple ladies, Katia and Katerina are obesessed with landing you with the wedding of your dreams, so here are 5 tips you need, to know that you have booked your ideal wedding planner. 


Getting to know more about your wedding planner is essential before you even deicide to fill in the contact form and inquire about their availability and rates. Find out about their strengths and vision browsing carefully through the website of your choice. A wedding planner's tone of voice, disposition and discourse will shed enough light for you to get a good idea whether you two (or three, or four) can click. Yes, their style is important, but then when this connection is strong and you identify with your wedding planner there's hardly anything you cannot ask for that won't be happily provided. Seek out your planners' personalities, their list of services and make notes on how easy you can navigate through their sites. There is a fat chance that if everything around a wedding planner vibes you with ease, elegance and a love (yes love is something that you will instantly feel) you're on the right path.


Now that every vibe feels right it's time for you to visit your wedding planner's contact page and fill in their form of connection. So much depends on how "pro" the reply you get is. And by "pro" we don't mean only the right amount of info received, but the way everything looks and is presented. Did you just receive a plain list of services and prices? Chances are you will get the same treatment as a client. Have you received an extensive list of checklists and detailed services? Then this is how laid out for you to see will be your entire planning. Never neglect that feeling you get from someone who looks too busy to engaged, too messy to clarify, or too unwilling to negociate and discuss the lovely things you are there to share. Never neglect the feeling you get from someone who always engages, cares what you have to say, considers no question silly and provides clear answers when you need to know. Your ideal planner's approach will go way beyond making you feel "at home".


Through conversing with your wedding planner, by setting weekly check-ins with each other you'll get to hear all about the team(s) who will be available to handle everything for you, so that you don't end up doing the work you are paying someone else to do. Is your wedding planner eager and ready to cover every aspect of your wedding? Are your wedding professionals qualified in specific aspects of your wedding, but maintain the same level of care through every step together? Will they be monitoring every detail of the wedding so they can all have a deep knowledge about each of your events? Are they apt to offering you undivided attention and being omnipresent throughout your festivities? There will likely be weeks where nothing wedding-related happens, but will they consider it important to keep the check-ins on the calendar so you can discuss whether either of you is struggling with any upcoming tasks?


It is so important for a Mr.& Mrs to be, to be able to communicate with their vendors. If your wedding planner is going to be in charge of a vendor, then you and your fiancé can always be in the loop with the same people. Your ideal wedding planner will keep you posted on what's going on in the planning process so that you will be able to tackle issues together when they come up. Your ideal wedding planners are the team who will be there for you throughout the most minute moment, and they can serve as the voice of reason, not only keeping your best interests at heart but ensuring you that you get all that you need, if you need it. Which brings us to the no 5 and most important factor:



Beyond quelling pre-wedding stress, one of the biggest benefits of your ideal wedding planner will come down to how they devise your financial strategy. Hiring them will come with a cost, but they will be able to assist you navigate and negociate. There are so many high-cost vendors that will require attention, like your venue, catering and florals. If your wedding planner is the one they will have YOU benefit financially from their insider connections. They will be first-rate budget managers with a penchant for spreadsheets, and insist on let in you in on the fine print. They will explain "the process" from A to Z and always leave you with the feeling you are in loving, capable hands. In other words, your ideal wedding planner will be your numero uno stress-reliever.

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