You've probably already dived into the creative spin of planning your upcoming 2019 wedding with Wedding Trends to Know for 2019 from Your Greek Wedding Planners, so you've got a pretty good idea on what to expect when planning to tie the knot on the Greek islands right? Yet here we are with some incredible extras you don't want to miss. You see, that is the thing about wedding trends. No matter how much they evolve each year - from wedding decoration, to florals and fashion - you will definitely find new ways to ameliorate the old and the timeless!

Wedding Trends to Know for 2019 is here to do exactly that, bring the of-the-moment to the classics so deeply hearted.

Personalization,  Specialization and other elaborate "-ations".

2019 is expected to be one of the most intriguing wedding years of the millenium. You see we're closing into the new roaring 20s (how surreal this sounds, right)? Brand-new ceremony set-ups and non-traditional florals, vellum and acrylic invitation suites, velvet accents and edgy palettes are some of the most anticipated, but there are more to follow, sure to spell personalization with a capital "P" on your Big Day.

The mood-changers

Particularly interesting, moodier accents that directly contrast the romantic decor and softer notes are oh-so-coveted for the year 2019. With the trend of ethereal, bleached out wedding photography shifting towards earthier, more vibrant and Mediterranean pigmented edits, these contrasting pretties call for a mixing of hues that traditionally would not match. Tonal differences, deep blacks and indigos, stoneware and rustic cutlery, ceramics that bear the unique stamp of their origins and earhier, bolder colorways soak weddings in pretty and call upon our organic natures.

The ageless ones

Needless to say that exquisitely refined will never age. The timeless, elegant dinner party wedding is always the fad if you are planning to have your big-day reception on an according venue. Consider silver candlesticks, monograms and crystal stemware with fine china and delicate florals but certainly keep these away from the beach.

Too pretty to eat

Statement cakes are a trend that continues its way up on our top wedding trends in 2019, only to go taller, bigger and bolder. These utter superstar gateaux of the wedding feast can come in multiple shapes and tones, immitating the surroundings of your venue, your wedding theme, your eye-catching florals, the lacing of your dress, or even that of your wedding jewelry. You can't go wrong with a regal gold-stamped or pale blue edible beauty but here's a tip from Golden Apple Weddings:  if you are considering a mock for decor purposes then definitely go for a huge Mille Foglie wedding cakewith chantilly cream & berries the chef can prepare in front of your guests, a loan from our Italian cousins, that you will simply adore.

Veiled beauties

We hands down adore veils in our brides so why not go for veiled invitations? These almost-diaphanous accents are definitely the ones to watch for in 2019 when designing your wedding stationery. Vellum is just the perfect overlay for your invites, used in lieu of envelopes, and a chic alternative to classic paper goodness. Suede, tile, acrylic, and gold leaves can also create tons of awe-inspiring and celebration-style hinting goods your guests will be counting the days to arrive at your wedding!

To the letter

We do understand it is impossible to hand-write personal thank you notes to all of your guests if you are throwing a bash for 200. However for smaller events, the classic printed place cards can be replaced with hand-calligraphed notes that come with personal comments only you and your special guest sitting on that very spot will understand.

Personalized gifting

Wedding guest gifts have only one purpose: to show your appreciation to the ones attending your wedding day, especially those who went the extra mile (many miles actually) to arrive at your destination of choice. Although many couples can go for the traditional goody bag containing tons of native-punch treats and gifts -from regional olive oil bottles, to local spirits, sweets, organic hang-over remedies and sun-proof goodies, you can take personalization to an entire new level. You are getting married in a Greek island that abounds in artistic flair. So why not ask a local artist to hand-paint small portraits of your wedding guests on a traditional item (say a small tambourine, or on the back of a large pebble) for you to gift to your loved ones. Who doesn't want to see their face or their funny caricature next to their place card?

Illustrated bliss

What a better way to tell the story of your romance that comissioning a local artist to illustrate the entire journey to the big day on your invitations, your thank you notes, your wedding program, or your wedding guide book. Every wedding has a different story to tell, and think of all these wonderful moments when your loved ones get to have a personal story told from you, speeches aside! Winner!

This is the light

Golden Apple Weddings loves creating concepts from scratch and we have been blessed with so many forward-looking couples who wish to bring something extra to their already extraordinary day. Rhodes, like every other Greek Island on the Aegean, is soaked in creamy, soft light, and when the night falls there's hardly a night spent that we don't get to indulge in endless starry sky gazing. To make your wedding night even more special get creative with your lighting and go beyond tradional options like fairy lights and classic bulbs. Choose dangling lanterns that carry a bit of homely charm and do away with mason jars that are so outdated.