The ring on your finger says it all! CONGRATS!!! Planning a destination wedding next year is certainly going to be big and exciting news for your beloved ones. Meet the wedding trends from your Greek wedding planner that will set your wedding apart from the rest and turn it into something special for you and your future spouse!

A wedding in Rhodes can be hands down amazing and although you're in for some serious pretty before you start planning there may be a few game changers you'd like to consider!




Your friends and family will be joining you in Rhodes. Instead of making your big day look like any other wedding in London, Lebanon, or any place on the globe you call home,  dive into your destination vibes and embrace the local culture and the beautiful diversity your journey here has to offer.  


Glorious food

Channel the goodness your destination abounds with by picking favors and treats that combine the feel of holidays and set the table with traditional touches instead of simply offering a champagne bottle at a winery. If anything Greeks pride ourselves on outstanding food and wine selections. Varieties of cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables are a huge plus on stations fiiled to the brim with culinary selections presented in traditional pots and plates that will make your wedding food look like art.  Rhodians are foodies to the bone and local cuisine and beverages will have your family and friends' palattes in heaven.


Location, location, location

Instead of turning a beach location into a ballroom lookalike or the contrary, take advantage of natural surroundings and the indigenous flora and textures of your venue. Golden Apple Weddings ' in house florist is always ready to infuse your venue with surprising indigenous blooms and blend them naturally into your island wedding decor. We love to design from scratch and brainstorm on the next big concept, which means we constantly come up with great ideas on how to have you and your guests awed by your wedding scene! All you need to do is dream big and we'll let the ideas flow!


Color me bride

We're pretty sure you've seen tons of blush, whites and ethereal, barely-there hues on island weddings. Considering you are landing where the sun shines so bright and everything around you looks absolutely painterly you have a big canvas to fill. Go bold with floral patterns, vibrant and saturated palettes which are a huge trend right now. If you do appreciate monotones make your floral arrangements and decor pop with unexpected elements, and make a statement with so much more than just the Pantone color of the year! We love to draw inspiration from high-fashion, so if you've always loved a Dior show inspired affair we'll be on our toes!



Green light

Or.... greenery for days! You will be amazed at how green the island of Rhodes is, with verdant gardens and lush forests across its curves (yes we even have a butterfly forest filled with Monarchs and other colorful species). Instead of fabric drapery for outdoor celebrations, have trusses or gazebos trimmed with greenery, or go for dangling instalations to bring that gorgeous organic touch to your wedding.


Make waves

Nothing beats an out of this world ceremonial design that immitates tidal waves crashing on the shore, the curves of an infinity gravel, the crescent of a beach or the architectural punch of a post-modernist villa. Rise above classic aisle design, add sweeps of pretty on your tablescapes and use various seating elements to vogue your wedding to the max.


Accomodate in style

Destination weddings are the best way to make certain you get to spend real time bonding with your closest and dearest. Where your guests get to spend their days and nights on the island of Rhodes is major. You want to leave them with a lasting impression of the languid vacay pace, treat them to the best the island has to offer and have them wish they could re-live your day over and over. Rhodes is home to some of the Mediterranean's sprucest  a-list hotels and boutique villas.  Securing a great package for your loved ones only needs the right liaison. Golden Apple Weddings can make sure your guests get the royal treatment and have you to thank for their best holidays ever.


It's your wedding - and you can ACTUALLY relax!

And speaking of wedding vacay, what is an escape without the right touches. Design a 3 day celebration or a weekly itinerary sure to have everyone at your party (including you newlyweds) enjoy everything you've always wanted out of perfect holidays and vows. With you invite lists significantly smaller, your goal to keep things genuine your itinerary can burst with activities, shared or privee. Why not go for a family SPA treatment, a tavern feast, a beach party, an after the wedding barbeque, a family hike, or a special tasting of local produce. Mini events are all about the gifts of life and your loved ones will talk about this for years to come. Plus you get to easily honeymoon on the isle or take a fancy trip to the nearby Turkish shores.


Venue goals

Our clients for 2019 are on the look for unconventional locales that can accommodate their guests for days, places their best people can mix and mingle during the day, whether there is a beach nearby, a pool or a retreat. Go for a venue where no wedding has been held before, or consider having your wedding planner build one from scratch and transform your favorite location into a dreamlike scene. From salty breeze brushed olive groves to special niches and private villas most venues will accept a full rental fee for their premises and you can literally go wild with your decor inspiration.