Golden Apple Weddings is a full-service destination wedding planning and styling agency, found with the heart to seamlessly curate bespoke events. From etiquette to tailoring, to creating an experience for the most discerning, delight begins with interpretation: your vision of a maximal big day, where our teams of wedding couturiers and skillfully selected vendors will fully fuse clean line design with expertise, aesthetic excellence, and movement. Where an olive grove sweeps down to the Mediterranean and vineyards roll away like corduroy to distant hills, you'll hear the clink of glasses toasting, and closer as you get, the flutter of the gentle sea breeze against canopy drapes. A wedding celebration, immersing hearts in the fineness of its moments, the lights, the music, the gauzy fabrics, the suppleness of florals, all choreographed to form each perfect wedding detail. Step into our world, and get in touch with us, we love to hold your wedding as pristine as our Golden Apple.

Our Team

Katia Stavroulaki leaves nothing to chance. Discerning, insightful, with an unrelenting passion for structure and form, the Zen to the ruffled, she'll bolster and hearten each wedding event, bringing together and coordinating our teams and partners with the utmost alertness and highest spirits. With space, proportion, and supply in mind, she will orchestrate our productions with confidence, certain our couples deserve the best. She's great at creating excitement and grand at thriving on diversity, an excellent location scout and thoroughly cultivated wedding guide, an inspirer but above all, my best friend; If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been here doing what I love most.

_ Katerina

Katerina Ageliniou is a creative's creative. For her, envisioning the next original concept is part of the job description as a wedding stylist. Ceaselessly noting down, meaningful and dynamic detailing, in her scrapbook, you'll find components to stock a wedding thesaurus. From style boards, palettes, tailored themes and maximalist designs, to the origins of materials and the language of flowers. If there's a scent you covet or a mood you wish to create, a spectacle to have your souls soar or a style to encapsulate your love story and nature as a couple, she'll conjure up everything pretty to make your dream a reality; She's my best friend and partner in our company's standards of excellence, If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been here doing what I love most.

_ Katia


Marina Glushchenko is our precious lead assistant and wedding planning agency genie. With a love for cultivated events and a serious enabling spin, she'll always tend to greet our couples, provide that we are well-connected with you, inform us on your contacts, schedule our dates, and ensure you are constantly up to date on your milestone events. Flexible and enthusiastic, she is bilingual and high-energy, a great communicator, and gifted with patience to make notes on our every busy big day. To her, there's no question too many and no detail spared.


Our team also includes Natalia Stavroulaki, our Sales Representative in Athens, Greece and Toula Kontonicolaou, our Sales Representative in NY, USA.

They both have a strong background in consumer service and share our passion to spread our vision of destination weddings abroad. We’re certain they’ll make you feel very comfortable from the first moment you meet them.